The epidemic will force manufacturers of robot vacuum to accelerate innovation pace to meet growing marketing needs.

Author:KEEWOO Click: Time:2020-04-20 09:18:14

As the COVID-19 outbreak has affected people's lives and work across the world, it will bring more growth points than challenges to the service robotics market in the long run.Robotic products manufacturer are aim to produce more innovative service robots to keep up with consumers' growing demand to maintain a healthy home environment.


The epidemic has forced manufacturers in China's robot vacuum cleaning sector to accelerate innovation pace to meet growing marketing needs created by the fast-changing demand from Chinese consumers for high-end products and the low penetration rate of smart home appliance products, according to a research released by the Beijing-based Chinese Academy of Science and Technology for Development in late March.


Market analysts Euromonitor International predicted that in terms of absolute volume growth, robotic vacuum cleaners are expected to record the highest growth in the Asia-Pacific region over the period from 2016-21, driven by China, a place where internet retail has risen.


During the prevention and control of the epidemic, some people have raised their health consciousness. This will boost demand for smart household appliances.In addition to the cleaning performance, more people also looking forward to innovative functions like air purifying, filter viruses and bacteria. What's the most importance fuctions you are caring about? Welcome to have more communication with us.



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