Laser + Visual Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner LV1

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Laser + Visual Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner LV1

The second-generation LDS laser navigation system with improved performance and more accurate positioning, which can rapidly

detect and identify the surrounding environment automatically and draw real-time accurate 2D maps to ensure complete cleanliness.

Large wide-angle visual navigation for visible cleanliness

Embedded visual navigation captures visual road signs, conducts real-time scanning and mapping and creates 

a panoramic view of the whole house.Turn on the security cruise mode to record every corner of your home to protect your home.

Intelligent path planning,automatic recharge, break-point continuous cleaning

Different rooms are independently planned for partitioned and upgraded cleaning. In the cleaning process, the cleaning path is intelligently

planned in real time. It memorizes the cleaning progress in real time, recharges automatically when the battery is low, and then continues to

complete the cleaning task after the battery is fully charged, so there is no need to worry about any omissions for large-area cleaning.

Visual App operation,everything under control even from thousands of miles away

Remote APP intelligent control, visual cleaning, and commands can be sent anytime from anywhere.

Forbidden zones and cleanable zones can be set at any time,the cleaning track can be viewed in real time. It is easy to operate.

Strong suction, automatic pressurization for carpet cleaning

It can intelligently identify the carpet and pressurize automatically. It is equipped with a floating middle sweeper which changes to suit the terrain,

making it more suitable for different floor environments to ensure more thorough cleaning, even coping with grooves and gaps.

Combination of sweeping and mopping for instant cleanliness

The electric control water tank releases water evenly to prevent scratching the floor. It combines sweeping and mopping for improved cleanliness.

Laser + Visual Navigation Robot Vacuum Cleaner LV1
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