Household appliances achieve robust growth

Author:Keewwoo Robotics Technology Co., Ltd. Click: Time:2020-05-12 09:06:37

Because of the novel coronavirus outbreak, both the supply and demand sides of China's economy had come to a standstill, but now production is gradually picking up, though consumption is yet to get a boost.

China's consumption has shown a recovering trend during the five-day May Day holiday that ended Tuesday, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Thursday. Average daily sales of retail enterprises monitored by the MOC increased by 32.1 percent from the previous Tomb-sweeping Day holiday in April.

In breakdown, daily sales of household appliances, daily necessities, cosmetics and clothing surged by 71.1 percent, 53.7 percent, 38.8 percent and 31.2 percent, respectively, from the tomb-sweeping holiday. In the meantime, the country's e-commerce sector posted robust growth during the May Day holiday, with sales of some large e-commerce companies increased by more than 30 percent year on year. Activities such as shopping festivals and issuing consumer coupons were also held to promote consumption.

The demand for vacuum cleaners and sweeping robots in Chinese households will increase day by day. We will fofus on consumer’s demand for products and continue to innovate to bring more practical products to consumers to meet the needs of healthy family life.



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